Wellness Events

If you’re interested in getting an analysis on your own, we would be happy to accommodate you at our office in Hopkins. Check the link for available appointment times and if there’s nothing available, please reach out to info@bodyknowledge.life to get an appointment time.


Traditional weight loss challenges have a flaw. They equate lost pounds to success. Have you ever started exercising and not lost weight but felt you were getting healthier? Well, you most likely were but you were exchanging muscle for fat which doesn’t show up on a scale as weight loss. Body Knowledge looks beyond our weight to see what our that weight is composed of allowing for a complete look at our health as we strive for a healthier existence.

  • Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenges
  • Fat Loss + Muscle Gain Challenges
  • Encourage HEALTHY weight loss, not just weight loss
  • % based challenges encourage all levels of health to participate
  • Scheduling, marketing and data analysis included
  • Health coaching optional

Wellness Program Kick-Off

  • Kick-off wellness program with baseline measurements
  • Target activities based on results for maximum impact
  • Track progress over time
  • Health coaching optional

Seminars & Lunch/Learns

Body Knowledge has a goal of reaching as many people as possible and with our seminars, we can analyze up to 60 individuals/hr which makes these events perfect for a lunch hour or just a few hours. With each person receiving a full page of health data about themselves, we offer 30 minute educational sessions that explain and provide actionable insights into the data at the conclusion of the event. These events make a valuable addition to any wellness program as it offers the ability to track progress over time, something we know encourages long-term behavior change.