About Body Knowledge

Body Knowledge provides body composition and health coaching services that include hardware, software, on-site and remote solutions. Our mission is to change how every single person views their weight by allowing an easy, accurate and non-invasive body composition measurement and strategies to improve those numbers. We focus on what your weight is composed of, not what it is total.

The reason we focus on composition as opposed to weight is it provides a drastically more accurate depiction of your health than weight does. Your body is complex and we need to stop focusing on just losing weight. Instead, let’s focus on gaining muscle, losing fat and making sure our bodies are properly fueled.
Body Knowledge is on the cutting edge of digital health with our 24/7 access to a world class measurement that requires no one but yourself and bare feet. Don’t like your results? Schedule some time with one of our certified health coaches, they can help with that.

Measure. Set Goals. Take Action. Repeat.

About Will

Hi, my name is Will Dahlgren and I have a passion for wellness. Throughout my life, I’ve had unique experiences that taught me how important wellness is and that it’s different to everybody. One thing almost everyone can agree on though, is that body composition relates more to health than our weight does. That’s what lead me to founding Body Knowledge.

I believe that the more everyone can have this realization, that weight doesn’t matter, the better our collective health will become. Our bodies are counterintuitive, incredibly unique and must be treated as such. A custom-built, tailored solution based on body composition results we can trust, results in programming that is effective for YOU, not the majority of the population or “averages”.

Measure. Set Goals. Take Action. Repeat.