About Body Knowledge

Body Knowledge provides body composition and health coaching services that include hardware, software, on-site and remote solutions. Our mission is to fundamentally change the way we view weight by allowing an easy, accurate and non-invasive body composition measurement and strategies to improve those numbers. We focus on what your weight is composed of, not what it is total.

The reason we focus on body composition is because it provides a drastically more accurate depiction of health status. Your body is complex and we need to stop focusing on just losing weight. Instead, let’s focus on gaining muscle, losing fat and making sure our bodies are properly fueled.

Body Knowledge is on the cutting edge of digital health with our 24/7 access to a world class measurement that requires no one but yourself and bare feet. Don’t like your results? Schedule some time with one of our certified health coaches, they can help with that.

Measure. Set Goals. Take Action. Repeat.

Why We Do, What We Do

Hi, I’m Will Dahlgren & I founded Body Knowledge out of a passion to help people live healthier lives. I’ve had some unique experiences which led to me founding this company which I’d like to share.

As an athlete, all my life I was told I was “obese” according to the scale and BMI. The physicians would tell me this, then take a look at me and ask if I played sports. Once I confirmed that I did, they would tell me not to worry about my weight/BMI then. This never squared in my mind even as a kid but I went along with it.

After an athletic career that ended after 4 years of college baseball, I set out into the world at the height of the Great Recession. To make matters more interesting, I had moved to Southern California with one of my best friends who was going to grad school. Needing a job, with not many around along with no experience in anything other than manual labor, extremely high competition, I landed a job personal training at a 24 Hour Fitness. This is where I got my first taste of how body composition can impact people’s motivation to continue exercising.

My best client was making a ton of progress. She had to buy new pants because her old ones looked funny with how loose they had become. Nevertheless, she didn’t lose much weight. I would test her body composition with calipers and show progress but she said “you’re just pinching me harder”. A few no-shows later, she quit exercising because she wasn’t losing enough weight. I was bummed.

With a little experience, I landed another training job with an older clientele. They would be making huge strides in strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance and body composition so I assumed our body composition would show us that. Once again, I was disappointed as our device utilized empirical data meaning as these clients aged, they were automatically given worse results. I started to think this body composition thing was quite the racket.

Tainted by my experiences in the fitness world, I interviewed for a job with a company called InBody. During my interview, they asked me what I thought of body composition testing, in particular, BIA (bio-impedance analysis) technology. I didn’t hold back when I told them, “I think it’s absolute garbage”. My soon to be bosses laughed and said, “we think you’ll like what we have”.

Working with InBody and their rigorous standards for their sales department, was truly a gift. In those years, I learned more about body composition methods than I ever did in school. We had the opportunity to travel all over the US trying different methods (Underwater weighing not my favorite), helping with studies in different areas while also observing how the device was being used by different business owners. I sold to the government, fitness franchises, hospitals, chiropractors, nutritionists, nutrition stores and even a guy who wanted to surprise his wife for Xmas. Quite the Xmas gift!

During my time at InBody, I always saw the need for someone to provide the test to those facilities or markets that either couldn’t afford it, didn’t have the staff to implement or they simply didn’t have time to introduce another tool, no matter how awesome it was. That’s what led me to founding Body Knowledge. I believe there’s an absolute NEED for these measurements in all kinds of different areas that currently could use them but don’t need to purchase an entire device. By coming straight to the facility, we allow for a complete experience without having to take on another piece of expensive and fairly complex piece of equipment.

My ultimate goal is to help as many people as I possibly can see that their weight doesn’t tell the whole story. They need to measure what matters & Body Knowledge can help with that.