98% to the gold standard methods such as DEXA and Underwater Weighing. The beauty of the system is that it’s 99% reproducible meaning that even if the test is +/-2% from gold standards, we are tracking your progress at a 99% reproducibility rate. This means we pick up on even the smallest of changes and show you precisely how you’re changing over time.

The body takes time to change and often more time than we would like. Body Knowledge advises testing twice a month unless you’re making rapid changes then once a week can be useful. Make sure to test under similar conditions (same time, clothes, meals, etc..).

Always test prior to a workout and avoid testing right after your workout. Your body is bringing fluid all over the body and it’s impossible to recreate the exact same workout twice in a row. Intensity, exertion, fluid are all bound to be different from workout to workout so just avoid testing after.

Besides avoiding post-workout, test on an empty stomach, empty bladder/colon, in light clothing and make sure to empty your pockets.

*Bare feet are always required.

Blue graphs indicate that you’re in a healthy range.

Orange graphs indicate that you’re in an unhealthy range.

Improvement over time will change the colors of these graphs as you improve and hit your goals. Goals in body composition couldn’t be any more individual. Everyone thrives at a different body composition so make sure to keep an eye on when you feel your best and strive to maintain those numbers.

Unfortunately, no. Humans are unique in nature so there is no one body composition that fits all. We all thrive at different levels of body fat, muscle and water so be sure to set your own goals!

Typically, the most fat loss we see is around 2-3lbs of fat in one month and 1lb of muscle gain on the high side.  These are about as fast as you can go in terms of fat loss and muscle gain but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to do it faster or slower. Consult with a wellness professional if you’re hoping to achieve your goals faster!

Congrats!! You’ve set your baseline measurements with Body Knowledge. Now it’s time to find a wellness professional to help you achieve your goals which are typically fat loss and muscle gain. A new exercise regimen, diet or wellness routine can help you get to these goals and come measure again with us to make sure your investment in your health is working the way you want it to. We recommend testing every 2 weeks.

Body composition changes any time we drink, eat or move. This is why the results came back differently and depending on what you did between the first/second test is the reason it came out differently.

Test your body composition around the same time each time and under consistent conditions to most accurately track your progress.

Pregnant women & anyone with a pacemaker are not recommended to take the test. 
The reason being that very weak electrical currents are being entered into the body to measure the resistance that your body is providing. These currents are so weak that it’s extremely unlikely to cause any type of problem in either situation but for precautionary reasons, it is not advised. 
A general rule of thumb is 50% or above. 
% of water is increased through the loss of excess energy (body fat) or the increase of lean body mass. Simply drinking more water can have a positive effect if you’re not currently consuming 80 oz in a 24 hour period. 

Although every person is unique and should set their own personal goals, nearly all people want to decrease fat mass and increase lean mass AKA gain muscle and lose fat. Take time to consider what you want to achieve and consider that lean mass is associated with longevity, strength, increased metabolic rate & a myriad of other positive outcomes for the body. Gaining muscle typically aids in fat reduction as well. 

Anyone interested to learn more about their bodies and want a way to accurately track how it’s changing over time, regardless of what the scale says.

We do. Body Knowledge has been promoting on-site wellness at workplaces, fitness centers, CrossFit boxes and anywhere else they will have us. We want to spread the word as much as we can that weight is not a reliable metric to gauge a health. 

Yes, Body Knowledge provides custom marketing material to promote our visit to your site. We can work with existing marketing too!

Yes, Body Knowledge can send out a link to your population allowing them to sign-up when they’re ready. This takes scheduling off of your plate as well!

We can get through UP TO 30 in 1 hour but typically we do less than that to allow for an explanation of the results. Each site we visit is unique in its needs so if you need something different, we’d love to hear from you and make it happen.

Absolutely! Reach out to us with the site you got your analysis, approximate date/time, your initials and we can email them out to you.

Unfortunately, no, it’s not. The technology we leverage is medical grade and made for professional use. Beyond that, the measurements are using a fundamentally different technique in assessing body composition which can cause massive errors and low reproducibility. We love that you’re looking at more than weight but an InBody analysis will be more accurate as study after study has proven.