Engage Employees through Meaningful Data & Interactions

Our Mission

Body Knowledge was founded with a goal of eliminating weight as a metric used in health assessment. As we deliver on this mission, we’ve  helped 1,000’s of people lose fat and gain muscle along the way. Knowledge is power. Understanding our bodies is the first step towards meaningful, lasting change. We will continue to deliver knowledge and education for employer groups across the country.

Our process is simple:

Tired of the same old biometrics? Not seeing any changes? Too expensive?

We hear this a lot & while we pair well with biometric screening events, employers have chosen to provide our screening in lieu of traditional biometrics for a few reasons. The data we provide is unique and engaging as there is no focus on weight or BMI, there’s an in-depth report on over 20 health metrics provided immediately and the education about these numbers empowers your population to make changes on their own or, if they’d like, we can help with that too.


User focused software that simplifies the data in a way we can all understand.


We help set-up, promote, educate and collaborate to make the largest impact possible with as little work as possible. Our self-service system allows for no scheduling, no appointment and little to no maintenance.


Generate more engagement with new, actionable metrics that are accessible around the clock with resources on how to change them.


Health risk assessment, areas of focus & progress reports based on objective data to tailor your program for your specific population.

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muscle gain measured
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What Our Customers say

“Rockler Companies, Inc. has built a culture of wellness over the past several years. As part of keeping our award-winning program fresh and relevant, we are delighted to be able to include body composition assessments as part of the program. We have found the results of this very affordable benefit to be valuable to our employees. The employees have shown a lot of excitement around this convenient tool that allows them to see a bigger picture of how wellness is working for them as a whole person that doesn’t just include weight. The on-site option is very convenient and the customer service is exceptional. We look forward to a continued partnership with Body Knowledge in the future.”