Hourly Body Composition Analysis & Education:

Body Knowledge offers this on-site service that comes with InBody570, printer, set-up/tear down, individual analysis, result sheet for each individual who participates, data tracking for each individual over time, personal service from a trained body composition professional and most importantly, education on how to interpret the results for actionable insights. 
Body Knowledge provides reporting and metrics surrounding totals of the data over time to see how your group is changing as a whole. This can be extremely helpful in providing objective, measurable data to show your wellness program is working and participants are improving their overall health. These can also be powerful numbers to share with the participants and motivation to keep going!

Self-Service Body Composition Analysis & Education:

Body Knowledge has spent countless hours testing individuals and put all of their wishes into this proprietary self-service body composition application. This option requires no staff or person to stand next to the machine as your population can simply sign-up with an email, test, see their results, click to learn more about each section and view their results that are automatically sent to their email. This allows for the Body Knowledge system to be dropped off for longer periods of time or be offered on-site permanently. With no staff necessary, this allows the often left out “off hours” population the opportunity to gain knowledge on what their bodies are truly composed of and how they’re changing. 
Included in this offering is medical grade body composition testing through InBody570, iPad, sanitizing wipes, poster and access to the Body Knowledge application.

Health Coaching

Body Knowledge offers health coaching through our certified and Body Knowledge trained health coaches. Health coaching is offered as a 1-1 service, group presentations or remotely via web or phone and is always based on objective body composition data. This accurate data gives us a leg up on getting your health back on track as we can determine caloric needs, retention of muscle mass and make sure you’re losing the right kind of weight.

Body Knowledge is the perfect tool for a small-medium sized business to incorporate a wellness program with very little set-up, hassle or maintenance. A few simple steps and you’re ready to offer your employees a one-of-a-kind wellness tool that they can use 24/7/365.

InBody Purchase and Implementation

I’ve helped 100’s of business owners and their staff successfully implement InBody technology into their health practice, fitness facility and everything in between. With our unique knowledge of the InBody and how to drive revenue in each industry, we help make sure that you maximize your investment while delivering meaningful insights to your client base.

Purchased an InBody and not seeing the return you hoped for? Give us a call and let’s get you on the road to driving revenue through body composition assessments!

Individual Body Composition Assessments:

Body Knowledge has an office in Hopkins, MN where we host individuals interested in learning more about their bodies. This is on an appointment only basis so please reach out to us to schedule a time to come by. Compared to other methods, our device allows for an accurate, non-invasive analysis that can be done more frequently. The low cost and easy nature of the test make it a great way to track changes that are happening rapidly or over time.